When You Feel Distant From God

We cannot expect to know him deeply just through short, checklist devotionals. The “infinite abyss” can only be filled with the incomprehensible, indescribable, omniscient God Almighty.

When a Hug Isn’t Enough

A kind word will not suffice. A hot meal, a hug, an outstretched hand— they’re all sweet gestures, needed and appreciated, but they don’t heal the soul-suffering of these wounds. This brutality causes our souls to cry out for more than the world can offer.

Behold Guide

“Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!” Those were the words John the Baptist spoke upon seeing Jesus. Why did John, the disciple of Jesus, write his Gospel? He wrote it that we may believe and be...

New Year, Same Security System

As I was thinking about how much our heavenly Father protects our homes and families with—or despite—any new security gadgets, I thought what I could really use is a security system on the door of my heart.

Finding Comfort in the Word

I have always taken comfort in knowing Jesus, the Good Shepherd, provides for my every need. However, in walking through my personal valley of the shadow of death… I learned that my circumstances do not change the character of my Shepherd.

God’s Purpose in Creation

Jesus didn’t come to simply address our individual sin. As important as this is, we are not the center of God’s plan. The driving purpose of God’s plan is his own glory.