Starting the Conversation on Race

Starting the Conversation on Race

I remember the look on our son’s face when I explained again what a slave was. I had explained it before, but this was the first time he began to understand. We sat together in silence for a bit as he contemplated the idea of a person being treated as property and as empathy grew in his heart.

Called to Japan

From an early age, I felt God’s gifting in music… I had no higher dream than to be a film composer in Hollywood and nothing was going to divert me from this path.

When the People of God Pray

I truly believe the act of prayer has taught us so much, and so much good has come from it. My husband and I have started praying together as a result of this experience. It’s not just about a job. It’s about our family and so many other things.

Begin Again

Composed by Luke Standridge, this original orchestral piece artfully points to the hope of new life in God because of the death and resurrection of the Son.

The Fruit of Student Ministries

We were unaware that the God of the universe was busily working in our midst to transform the heart of a young woman. God is awesome. His ways and thoughts truly are higher than our ways and thoughts (Isa. 55:8-9).

Imagine That!

Imagination allows us to take pen to paper, brush to canvas, or mind to heart—making much of him because of what we see all around us and what we read about him throughout Scripture.

Encouraging Evangelism in Your Small Group

Twenty-one years ago, a parachurch worker tricked me into going with him to tell an unbeliever about Jesus. I was mortified when I figured out what we were doing. But then I saw my friend explain the gospel clearly, and I wanted to know how I could do that too.

6 Prayers for the Next Generation

One of the privileges I have is to compose the letter inside the baton that parents receive when they dedicate their children at our church. In each letter, I try to express what I hope will be true for the child by the time he or she reaches that significant milestone.

Marvel Guide

When we “marvel,” we are beholding something with wonder and awe. Our hope is that as we study Jesus’s works, character, and teaching, we too will marvel at the love of our Savior.