Have you ever stepped into a room without any idea of what you’ll find? Walking into a room full of junior high and high school students might be one of the most intimidating experiences in a person’s life. Wouldn’t it be nice to have proper expectations for what to expect at Student Ministry on Sunday nights?

1. Students are welcomed into an exciting environment.

From the moment a student walks in, they are welcomed by people who look exactly like them, other students! We have an amazing hospitality team that makes sure everyone is seen from the very first moment. We love seeing students walk through the door and look forward to helping them get plugged in. We want to help them find their place to belong.

We want students to enjoy their time from the moment they arrive! We always have games and snacks ready to go when students show up. Some jump right into the games, and others just want to catch up with their friends. Either one is good with us; we just want students to feel comfortable and able to create an environment that suits them best.

2. Students are connected with other students and caring leaders.

We know that walking into this type of atmosphere can be disorienting for many students. This is why we have students on our greeter team who are warm and friendly! We coach them to look out for students who may feel timid about showing up to a group of people they don’t know. Our students do a great job of making others feel like they belong.

We could not accomplish much without our awesome volunteer leaders. Our leaders are not present just to lead conversation in small groups. They are there because they care about the discipleship of students. Our leaders do more than just show up on Sunday nights. They support students throughout the week and try to stay connected to student’s families as well.

3. Students hear the truth about who God is and who they are.

We aim to communicate the truth about God and our relationship to him every single time we gather together. We do that through singing the truth. Our worship team is primarily led by students who care about glorifying God through joy-filled praise. Our worship time is a needed rehearsal of the truth because we are quick to forget! We need the reminder of what God thinks about us and what he has done for us.

Our teaching time is centered on God’s Word. We want to hear from him, not just a speaker. We believe God’s Word is good for students to learn because he wrote it with students in mind. Because of this, we believe it speaks topics relevant to today.

Small group time is another place where students and leaders hear the truth from one another, to one another. Small groups are not just about rehearsing the night’s lesson, they’re about doing life together. These groups support and care for each of their members. When there is transparency in our small groups, it is frequently met with grace and truth.

Are you ready to jump in? Student Ministry at College Park is a place for students to be welcomed, to be known, and to hear the truth of God’s Word. We hope to see you walking in the door on Sunday nights. We are ready for you!