7 Reasons to Go on a Vision Trip

by Nate Irwin | Feb 1, 2022 | Articles

Deciding to go on a Vision Trip is no small choice, and that matters. There are many factors to consider, but don’t let fear be one of them. In less than sixty seconds, allow me to share seven key reasons you should go on a Vision Trip this year.

  1. Going on a Vision Trip will show you God in a new way—as bigger than you’ve ever imagined
  2. Going on a Vision Trip will show you you in a new way—that you are smaller, less significant, and know less than you think
  3. You’ll get a glimpse of the spectacular glory of the diversity of God’s global Church
  4. On a Vision Trip, you may get to look into the eyes of someone who has never heard about Jesus and, as a result, you will really feel what it means to be unreached
  5. Going on a Vision Trip will help you make friends with College Parkers—there’s hardly a better way to build community and make connections with others at church
  6. Going on a Vision Trip is a chance to exercise faith and get rid of spiritual flab
  7. You will encourage those who are engaged in strategic ministry and maybe you will find a grander purpose for your own life than just living out the American dream