College Park Racial Reconciliation & Justice Resources

by College Park Church | Jun 11, 2020 | Articles

Let’s Learn Together

As Christians, we are called to represent the biblical unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And we want to live that out. Yet, we’re living in a world that’s increasingly divided. That’s why we’ve designed this page. Here, you’ll find biblical content, resources, and educational opportunities on the topic of racial reconciliation.

In an effort to help you learn and process issues of racial injustice and disunity, we have compiled the following list of helpful articles, videos, and podcasts. Utilize these resources on your own, with your Small Group, or with your family. 


This is not a comprehensive list. Interested in learning more? Read additional CPC Resources articles on racial reconciliation & justice.

Audio & Video

One People Sermon Series
Podcast Episodes
THINK|19: Biblical Unity in Diversity
Stand-Alone Videos
Content from THINK|19: Biblical Unity in Diversity
For Adults
For Children