September 11 Lament

As we remember the significance of September 11, 2001, in our nation’s history and as we mourn those who lost their lives, how might we lament this day?

Why Study Colossians?

Why study Colossians? This letter contains some of the most grand and exquisite truths of the Christian faith—truths that will stand for all eternity.

Light in Darkness: The Trent Story

Perhaps you think you know the Tyler Trent story. But before he was a nationally recognized name, Tyler Trent was just another homeschooled kid from central Indiana… And like many homeschool kids, Tyler and his two younger brothers grew up at church.

Marvel III Guide

When we “marvel,” we are beholding something with wonder and awe. Our hope is that as we study Jesus’s works, character, and teaching, we too will marvel at the love of our Savior.