The Ministry of Helpfulness

by Dustin Crowe | Jul 18, 2019 | Articles

We’re often more than happy to give advice to others. But are we willing to actually help? In truth, words can be cheap but sacrificially serving others is costly

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a twentieth-century pastor and theologian, wrote about this in his book Life Together. And over the years, I’ve found his words to be very helpful.

“We must allow ourselves to be interrupted by God. God will be constantly crossing our paths and canceling our plans by sending us people with claims and petitions.”

Rather than seeing people as interruptions to our plans, we can choose to see them as a part of God’s purposeful work in our lives. As Bonhoeffer says, “part of the discipline of humility [is] that we must not spare our hand where it can perform a service and that we do not assume that our schedule is our own to manage, but allow it to be arranged by God.”

This kind of helpful service requires the help of the Holy Spirit, but its benefits are incredible. When we humble ourselves through helpful acts of service to others, we are showing the tangible love of Christ.

When we humble ourselves and serve, we are living in the truth that “our” schedule is not really our own, that “our” time is truly the Lord’s.  And when we make that shift, God’s name goes forth in greater glory through our lives.

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